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Jan 08, 2010 at 11:40 PM


We have created a register which is comprehensive and will be kept up to date.


 Please tell us if you see any bird not on this list. Ideally the information should include date seen, location, any other details, and your name.

 We would also like to know about: 

  • First sightings in the year of all warblers, including blackcap
  • Sand martins, swallows, swifts, and house martins
  • Any sightings of siskins or redpoll, or any other unusual bird

 We'd love to hear from you

Jean and Dave Roberts saw the first Chiffchaff of the year. The chiffchaff belongs to warblers and allies.

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 How it all begun....

David and Jean Roberts of Allestree started walking from Allestree down to Haslams Lane and the river Derwent back in 2001. They noticed less birds on the fields where turf is grown as twisted hawthorns were felled and concentrated on Nutwood. They started to keep records of numbers of each species seen and here is the result as it stands today.

Jean says: "When we walked from Ford Lane to Haslams Lane we often met Alex Kilpatrick, founding chairman of Friends of Allestree park. He did stretching exercises under a willow which the turf growers later cut down and he put up bird boxes along the ditch by the railway line. We chatted about birds and his old dog waited patiently. They are both gone now like the willow. Lapwings can often be seen over there".

David and Jean are members of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derbyshire Ornithological Society, RSPB and Derby Natural History Society (David is Treasurer of the last).


We have another bird expert

Paul Highman has recently observed two bird species which are new to Nutwood, making the total 75. He observed a Shoveler duck and a Stock dove which have now been added to our bird register for Nutwood.

 Paul is a long standing member of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, the Carsington Bird Club and the RSPB. He recently retired from the committee of the RSPB Derby Group after serving for some 18 years. He was Treasurer for 13 years and Group Leader for almost 3 years.

On May 24, 2010 Paul Highman sighted a White wagtail, which is a subspecies of the Pied wagtail. Keith commented:

Wagtails have silly names:

The Grey wagtail is yellow,
The Yellow wagtail is green,
The White wagtail is grey,
But at least the pied wagtail is pied.



77 bird species have been observed at Nutwood. This is the page where you can learn about these birds as we have a link to the relevant RSPB page for each of them.

If you think you have observed birds - or indeed other wildlife - contact
Keith Dodd. If the observation can be authenticated, we will include it on this site with your name if you agree.




(We are planning to compile registers for mammals and butterflies next) 




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