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Nutwood Registers

We maintain comprehensive Registers for wildlife in our Reserve. We encourage all friends and supporters, contributors and the general public to report to us their sightings when walking through the Reserve. If appropriate, such sightings will be listed in the relevant register for all to see.

Lots of people we suspect have records of past sighting of wildlife. Why not give us this information to be included in our registers, which we want to build into a comprehensive and permanent record for all to enjoy.

We are not interested in sightings only, but also photographs, articles, stories etc. We are sure that a lot of information is stored away. So, dust your old files down and send what you can.

If you wish, you can be included in our list of contributors. You can give us as little or as much information as possible for such a listing. It would be essential in order to cross-reference a sighting entry with the appropriate individual.