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Written by Beverley Rhodes   
Nov 06, 2016 at 02:58 PM

The Fungus Foray on Sunday, 29 October 2016 was a search in field and woodland, with great attention to detail as a result of everyone's help.

Key finds were the reoccurring but unusual Lyophyllum loricatum (not a Russula!), and Melanoleuca strictipes; Velvet Shank, usually on elm here on hawthorn stumps, & lots of Snowy waxcap in the grassland. Well done!

The following species have been found:

Agaricus xanthodermus            Yellow Stainer

Lyophyllum loricatum               Chicken mushroom

Bolbitus titubans                       Cowpat fungus      

Melanoleuca strictipesa            Cavalier (verified)

Chrondrostereum purpureum  Silver Leaf Fungus

Conocybe pubescens                Cone cap                   

Mycena archangeliana              Angels Bonnet

Coprinus atrementarius           Common Inkcap                     

Mycena galericulata                 Common Bonnet

Coprinus comatus                    Shaggy Inkcap                        

Paneolus papilionaceus           Bell shaped mottlegill

Coprinus plicatilis                    Pleated Inkcap         

Daedeleopsis confragosa        Blushing Bracket

Psathyrella candolleana          Pale Brittlestem

Hebeloma crustulineforme      Poison Pie                                 

Psathyrella microrhiza             Rootlet Brittlestem

Heboloma pusilluma                 Poisonpie                                                                   

Hygrocybe virginea                  Snowy Waxcap            

Rickenella fibula                       Orange Mosscap

Hypholoma fasiculare              Sulphur Tuft           

Rickenella swartzii                   Collared Mosscap

Kuehueromyces mutabilis        Velvet Shank     

Stropharia caerula                    Blue Roundhead

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda       Weeping Widow

Trametes versicolor                  Turkey Tail

Lactarius pubescens                 Bearded Milkcap                                                                                                 

Total: 26 Species 

List produced with reference to Phillips Fungi and keys, for the recording of species on national data bases BMS and FCT by Beverley Rhodes BSc MCIEEM

Please note that names and spellings may be different in yourbooks. Try   in September for my 2017 foray list    


Keith Dodd comments:

Dear Beverley

Thank you so much for leading the event today.

It really was a great success and you clearly managed to enthuse all of us, young and old.

A marvellous haul of fungi of such a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, smells and textures (never mind tastes!); and your skill in helping us to identify specimens  was much appreciated.

There were 22 of us, including 3 children and a couple from Northampton; an excellent turn-out.


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