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Written by Keith Dodd   
Dec 12, 2012 at 09:16 AM


Dear Friends and Supporters

Some of you may be aware of the serious threat to remove funding from the WildDerby project. This is included in Derby City Council's budget proposals.

This would not only make it difficult, if not impossible, to run events at Darley and Nutwood LNR, but would place the future management of our Nature Reserve under serious threat.

Without the support of WildDerby we would never have succeeded in establishing Darley and Nutwood as a Local Nature Reserve, nor would we have been able to recruit volunteers, secure grant funding, or run events, including educational and research activities on the site.

I am sure this applies to most, if not all of the other LNR's in Derby.

We are willing amateurs who need the knowledge, expertise and support of a skilled naturalist in order to work effectively in helping to manage and develop the City Council's 12 Nature Reserves.

I urge you to make you views known to the Council via their website, and to the Councillor for our ward, Martin Repton, copied for me please.

If anyone would be able to join me, there is to be a meeting at Derby Quad next Thursday 20th December 2012 at 4.30pm with City Council Officers.

Thanks for your support!





Derby City Council                                            


Councillor Martin Repton (Darley Ward)                                   


Councillor Matthew Holmes (Chellaston Ward)                               

(Cllr Holmes is against the proposal)




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